Focus On Electronic Atomizing Technology, VapeEZ Won French Design Award 2023 Gold Award!


Shenzhen VapeEZ Technology LTD(short for VapeEZ) recently won the French Design Award 2023 Gold Award for a new disposable vape, MED76.

Established in 2015 by the International Awards Association (IAA), French Design Award is committed to giving global designers a broader platform to convey their design concepts, display excellent design works, and lead global design innovation. As one of the most internationally recognized symbols of outstanding product design, French Design Award has honored many products as BMW for their innovative design.

MED76 is well received by the jury of world-renowned design professors and experts because of its small size and minimalist design. “Inspired by modern bread machines, its appearance adopts a streamlined curved surface design and a fresh color scheme. It is compact and portable as a whole. Its surface adopts water-plated mirror technology, making the e-cigarette present a more youthful and advanced visual effect, minimalist but not simple, which conforms to the design requirements of modern aesthetics.” said the Design Director.


Driven by core NEXCORE mesh coil, the biggest highlight of design, the award-winner takes vaping experience of disposable vapes in the industry to a brand-new level.

The upper and lower half of traditional mesh coils generates the same heat due to same resistance. However, the temperature of upper half rises as the heating air flows bottom up through “the heating area”, resulting in a high temperature in the "upper heating area" where the carbon deposits more easily to reduce the lifespan of heating coil for a long time. Thus, the mesh coil is already burnt when the e-liquid is not completely consumed.

NEXCORE mesh coil technology changes the resistance of heating coil and reduces the heat so as to lower carbon deposition by cutting cross-sectional area under the rated voltage. As a result, the improvement of heating coil durability and e liquid utility greatly relieves the pain points of traditional mesh coil.


The hard work put into vaping research for years drives VapeEZ to succeed taking this award home. Recognized as China“National High-tech Enterprise” in 2021 and “Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprise ” in 2022, VapeEZ now has built an international first-class R&D and IT team, and set up advanced material research institutes and high-end laboratories in many places at home and abroad. The comprehensive layout safeguards its commitment to lead in R&D and technical field in the industry. After three-year development by VapeEZ U.S. Laboratory, NEXCORE mesh coil officially debuts with thousands of products the market is asking. As of now, VapeEZ has published 162 authorized patents, including 22 invention patents.

At a time when the global electronic atomization market approaches saturated and consumer demand for differentiation is upgrading, VapeEZ, a rising star with strong technical capabilities, is committed to continuing on its path to provide clients with innovative atomization solutions.


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