Big News! VapeEZ Awarded Title of 2023 Shenzhen “Specialized and Sophisticated” Enterprises

Recently, Shenzhen Municipal Service Bureau for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises released a list of 2023 Shenzhen “Specialized and Sophisticated” Enterprises. After expert assessment and evaluation, Shenzhen VapeEZ Technology LTD(short for “VapeEZ”) was awarded the title of Shenzhen “Specialized and Sophisticated” Enterprises.

VapeEZ awarded 2023 Shenzhen Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises.pngVapeEZ awarded 2023 Shenzhen Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises.png

VapeEZ commits to the core of technological innovation and relies on the core technical platform of NEXCORE Mesh Coil(holding over 20 core invention patents granted). A number of pioneering products of industrial technology are introduced and go viral in dozens of millions volume soon. Recognized as National High and New Tech Enterprises with technological innovation, VapeEZ has brought home several world-class design and technological awards such as French Design Award Gold Award and established itself well among end users, industry and whole nation.

In the future, VapeEZ team led by the company culture and strategy, will always adhere to the bottom line of legal compliance, safeguard interests of clients and whole country and more importantly, insist on specialization, refinement, specialization and innovation to promote sustainable, healthy and high-speed development of the industry while growing ourselves to win new opportunities in the era of great changes.


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